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Source: Murdered teen Timothy O’Brien was protecting stepfather when slayed with axe, court hears * (Died January 8, 2013, Age 15) Cause of death: Asphyxiation; murder Location: Denison, Texas, USA Disability: Autism, epilepsy, bipolar disorder Perpetrator: Robert Gray Jr.(Mother’s boyfriend) Source: Brandon White (Died January 9, 2013, Age 77) Cause of death: Denied access to wheelchair Location: Rochester, New York, USA Disability: Unspecified; wheelchair user, nursing home resident Perpetrator: Staff at Monroe Community Hospital Source: Staff at Monroe Community Hospital !

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(Died Early 2013, Age 82) Cause of death: Negligence (Found outside; hypothermia went untreated, aggravating preexisting conditions) Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand Disability: Stroke, dementia, COPD Perpetrator: Care home staff Source: Case 14HDC00471 (Died January 2013, Age 87) Cause of death: Neglect; Sepsis from infected wound Location: Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia Disability: Elderly disabled; osteoporosis, diabetes Perpetrator: Summit Care Wallsend staff Source: ‘They should have done more’: Claims poor care at nursing home caused woman’s death (Died January 1, 2013, Age 86) Cause of death: Negligence (Left in hot shower; died of burns) Location: Israel Disability: Elder nursing home resident Perpetrator: Avraham Shochet and Napolean Bineh (Staff at Neot Hasharon nursing home) Source: Nursing home director, caretaker, indicted after patient dies in shower (Died 2013, Age 48) Cause of death: Brain hemorrhage due to high blood pressure, exacerbated by stress over being refused benefits Location: Margate, England, UK Disability: Liver failure, mobility impairment Perpetrator: Department for Work and Pensions Source: Disabled dad dies after being told he’s fit for work – then benefit bosses accept he needed help AFTER his death (Died January 2, 2013, Age 65) Cause of death: Insulin overdose, possibly deliberately administered Location: Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand Disability: Mental illness; burn victim Perpetrator: Three staff members at Middlemore Hospital are suspects Source: Heather Bills died of insulin overdose, but who administered it remains a mystery (Died July 2, 2013, Age 36) Cause of death: Suicide (Denied mental health treatment, not taken seriously until severe crisis; committed suicide) Location: King’s Lynn, England, UK Disability: Mental illness Perpetrator: Mental health professionals Source: Norfolk fitness enthusiast suffered fatal injuries at mental health unit (Died January 2, 2013, Age 55) Cause of death: Murder (Shot) Location: Swainsboro, Georgia, USA Disability: Unspecified; disabled veteran Perpetrator: Jimmie Nell Wadley, James Willie Fields Source: Community tip breaks open 3 year old cold case (Died January 4, 2013, Age 6) Cause of death: Medical neglect (Oxygen monitoring equipment not used) Location: Dublin, Ireland Disability: Autism, asthma, epilepsy, developmental delay Perpetrator: Staff at Carmona Respite Services Centre Source: St John of God Community issue apology following death of boy, aged 6, in respite care * (Died January 4, 2013, Age 15) Cause of death: Neglect Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Disability: Chromosome 9 Ring Perpetrator: Michael Wood (Father) Source: Valerie Wood-Harber Got Justice for Her Brother – and Other Disabled Kids (Died January 5, 2013, Age 14) Cause of death: Murder (Killed trying to defend stepfather) Location: Scarsdale, Victoria, Australia Disability: Autism Perpetrator: Joel Henderson, Darren Wilson, Lisa Trezise.

Rommel ended up in the hospital after his car was attacked by British bombers and he was forced off the road.

Meanwhile, details of the failed assassination plot had come to Hitler’s attention, including Rommel’s contact with the conspirators.

Although a novice as far as mechanized forces were concerned, he soon mastered the advantages and proved his leadership abilities again in the German offensive against the French channel coast in May.

In early 1941, Rommel was given control of the troops sent to North Africa to aid Germany’s ailing ally, Italy, in maintaining its position in Libya.

Did you want to be the one who captured Alias Smith and Jones, or the Beast Master?

Have you always wanted to be tied up like The Dukes of Hazzard, or Supernatural's Winchester brothers?It is here, in the deserts of North Africa, that Rommel earned his vaunted reputation, as well as his nickname (he became known for his “fox-like” sneak attacks).Winning significant victories against the British, whom he begrudgingly admired, Rommel nevertheless became weary of this theater of operations; he wanted to go back to Europe.Rommel’s suggestions for the precautions necessary to repel an enemy invasion were not heeded, and he began to lose confidence in Hitler and Germany’s ability to win the war.When Rommel was approached by friends to agree to head the German government in the event of Hitler’s overthrow, he agreed-although there was no explicit talk of assassination, which he found abhorrent.SWISHER CNTY (Died February 1, 2013, Age 14) Cause of death: Suffocation during restraint Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Disability: Autism Perpetrator: Rose Rock Treatment Facility Source: Joseph Winters (Died February 2, 2013, Age 56) Cause of death: Medical malpractice (Long-term narcotics overdose) Location: Meriden, Connecticut, USA Disability: Diabetes; back pain; orthopedic pain Perpetrator: Heather Alfonso (Nurse practitioner) Source: Meriden Family Sues Nurse For “Potentially Deadly” Prescribing (Died February 7, 2013, Age 69) Cause of death: Murder (Stabbed) Location: San Jose, California, USA Disability: Mentally disabled Perpetrator: Regina Butler (Had stayed with Jacobson previously) Source: Henry Lee’s Rap Sheet for Dec.