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Services for people who seek visa or immigration information are undertaken by a particular country's Italian embassy and consulates.

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If you want these securities, it is sometimes essential to have a foreign identity.

Some vital statistics offices do allow you to expedite your requests.

You can request your certificates from Italy (through ICGS) and from your state or province (through the appropriate authority) simultaneously, allowing the waiting periods to overlap.

Under the terms of Article 17 (ex Article 8) of the Treaty on European Union, "any person holding the nationality of a member state is a citizen of the Union." "EU citizenship, which supplements national citizenship without replacing it, grants citizens the right to move freely and to reside on the territory of the member states" (Article 18).

If you apply to work for an international company, you have a huge advantage over your peers.

My Italian parent/grandparent/great grandparent was born in Italy, but was naturalized along with his or her parents as a minor.

Does it still count as "renouncing one's right to Italian citizenship" if the child was too young to make a conscious choice?

You may feel safer using an Italian passport when you travel to places where citizens of your native country are unpopular.

Also, if your government restricts travel to certain countries that you may want (or need) to visit, you can use your Italian passport to enter and move around more freely.

On January 1, 1999, the euro was introduced when member states irrevocably fixed their exchange rates.

EU citizens continued to use their national currency until euro bank notes and coins were put into circulation on January 1, 2002.

In Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom, being recognized as an Italian citizen jure sanguinis will not affect your current citizenship.