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Baker argued that when King spoke to Pearcy in the recorded phone call, she never said Bobo's last name, she only said "Holly." Baker asked if King thought Pearcy might have believed she was referring to his ex-wife.

From March to the end of May, King said, Pearcy and his two sons lived with her in Henderson County so his sons could finish school.Pearcy has said that he believes the TBI is just "gripping at straws" and that the investigation has ruined his life.Baker told The Jackson Sun a couple of weeks ago that he believed the charges against Pearcy were going to be dropped due to lack of evidence."I (have) never seen a video of his wife."She said Pearcy told her his brother, Mark, had taken the video of Adams and Bobo.After the hearing, Jeffrey Pearcy and Baker talked to reporters.When she decided to "do the right thing," and call authorities, King said, she was asked by TBI special agents, including Brent Booth, to make a phone recording of Jeffrey Pearcy talking to her about the video.

With three TBI agents at her house, King called Pearcy, she testified."I said, 'That video of Holly, if it had been you, I would have watched it,'" she told Pearcy over the phone, to which she said that he replied "I know."Booth, a TBI special agent, testified that he has Mark Pearcy's phone and is waiting for the access code from Apple so he can access it.King said that sometime in mid-May of this year Jeffrey Pearcy showed her part of the alleged video.She said Pearcy told her that Zachary Adams sexually assaulted Bobo in the recording.When asked if she believed Pearcy, King said, "Jeff would never lie to me."Related story: Friend says Bobo family preparing to hear 'terrible' things King testified that she asked to see the video, which was on a cell phone, and that she was able to identify Bobo and Adams through photos she had seen of them in the news.While Pearcy was showing her the video, King testified, Pearcy called Adams a "sick bastard."The video showed a woman tied up with her hands over her head, King said."It looked like Holly Bobo," she said.No one has seen this video that anyone is talking about," Jeffrey Pearcy said.

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