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– This highlighted the need to develop a maternity policy, not just for just the staff but also the MPs.

In general you are dealing with a patriarchal society that didn’t accept for women in politics before affirmative action, she says.But the capacity building has also worked as a support group for women in high-rank positions in Kenya.– Through the support mechanism for women leaders we are able to give a shoulder to each other both through the good and bad times.It really helps to build confidence and also to empower women to improve as leaders, she says.Cecily has participated in several training sessions and today she serves as a mentor for other young female politicians.Cecily Mbarire is one of the 87 women elected to the House and Senate.

After three terms in Parliament, she is an experienced politician.If you look at issues like education, health, and specifically reproductive health, or issues affecting children.Those are issues that are closer to the woman’s heart, she says, and continues: – Also, poverty is very high and so you must start thinking of empowering women economically so that they can be able to lift their families - and the nation as a whole.In spite of the challenges, she still has a positive vision for the future.– If my daughter asks me about the future as a girl, I will tell her without a shred of doubt that the sky is the limit.However, that is not the only way that she has paved way for women in politics in Kenya.

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