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The third annual International Women and Girls in Science Day will be celebrated worldwide on Feb.

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The worldwide team of 31 senior scientists and clinicians, which include specialists from Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Manchester Universities and Imperial College, have written an editorial which suggests that microbes are the major cause of dementia.

“We write to express our concern that one particular aspect of the disease has been neglected, even though treatment based on it might slow or arrest Alzheimer’s disease progression.

“We refer to the many studies, mainly on humans, implicating specific microbes in the elderly brain, notably herpes simplex virus type 1, chlamydia pneumoniae and several types of spirochatete.

“We propose that further research on the role of infectious agents in Alzheimer’s disease causation, including prospective trials of antimicrobial therapy, is now justified.” They say new findings could also have implications for the future treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, and other progressive neurological conditions.

Professor Resia Pretorius of the University of Pretoria, who worked with Prof Kell on the editorial, said “The microbial presence in blood may also play a fundamental role as causative agent of systemic inflammation, which is a characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease.

Prof John Hardy, Professor of Neuroscience, UCL, said: “This is a minority view in Alzheimer research.

There had been no convincing proof of infections causing Alzheimer disease.Targeting them specifically with antimicrobial drugs could halt dementia.Professor Douglas Kell of the University of Manchester’s School of Chemistry, said “We are saying there is incontrovertible evidence that Alzheimer’s Disease has a dormant microbial component.Besides designing the architectural programme, we are also happy to organise reservations for transport, accommodation and restaurants and can provide an all-round no-worries programme for you if requested.All our hand-picked guiding architects have a professional background in architecture and urbanism with first-hand knowledge of the design and building culture in their country.The herpes virus in particular is known to damage the central nervous system, and the limbic system in the brain which regulates mood and instinct and is associated with mental decline and personality changes.

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