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Salt Lake City joins 18 other cities - including Los Angeles - in 2017 to introduce Indigenous Peoples' Day on the same date as Columbus Day.Moroni Benally, Co-Founder of the Utah League of Native American Voters, said the resolution was a “symbol with power and meaning in acknowledging a wrong doing to Native Americans”.

An internal investigation found that the officers violated several policies - and Police Chief Mike Brown is weighting punishment options. This wasn't Payne's first offence on the job - in 2013 he harassed a department employee in a 'severe and persistent' manner, including several incidents of unwanted physical contact and an abusive email.According to the data, 100 searches on uses equal power to light a 60 watt bulb for 28 minutes; it said three days of streaming You Tube video requires as much energy as making, packaging and delivering a DVD.'We’ve worked hard to reduce the amount of energy our services use.In fact, to provide you with Google products for a month - not just search, but Google , Gmail, You Tube and everything else we have to offer - our servers use less energy per user than a light left on for three hours.You will find real estate listings, auto listings (used and new), jobs and vacancies, personal ads, ads for various services, tickets and other items for sale.On Oodle searching classifieds is easy with its wide search options and criteria.Wubbels tells Payne that she can't take the sample until the man regains consciousness and consents - unless the cop has a warrant or the man is under arrest.

She makes calls to her University of Utah supervisors who say the same thing.

That frustration is why he in turn ignored the nurse's correct explanation that she couldn't allow him to take the blood without a warrant or formal consent from the unconscious patient.

The patient had been involved in a car crash, and Payne wanted to check his blood for drugs and alcohol.

Columbus Day is celebrated in countries around the Americas to celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival on the continent on 12 October 1492.

The moment marked the start of the European colonisation of the landmass and centuries of mistreatment towards the indigenous population.

He doesn't have a warrant, but puts her on the phone with his lieutenant - James Tracey- who says she will be arrested if she doesn't comply.

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