Mastery with women and dating rapidshare

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Mastery with women and dating rapidshare - justin bieber dating kim

[These are] the secret and unwritten rules…” What you do have to do is understand how social circles work and how to turn them to your advantage. How do dating and hooking up work within social circles? Friends aren’t just props to introduce you to women. Most women meet men through friends, so one of the biggest features of Social Circle Mastery is how to join and rise to the top of any social circle.Every social group has its leaders – how did they become leaders? How can you manage your reputation without restricting yourself to just one woman? With some women, that’s the only way to really meet them: be where they are and know who they know.

People rave about Social Circle Mastery because it’s the most “natural” way to meet women. “Are you a single guy looking for an edge when it comes to attracting women? This may be the most powerful Love Systems training program ever.

Whether it’s the cool kids in the cafeteria or the guys who seem to know everyone and always get the best table, you can be part of their group (what’s more, Braddock shows you how to make it YOUR group). Braddock explains the powerful “MRB5” model — a five step approach that any man can use with a woman you see repeatedly.

Very popular in part because you don’t have to show your interest until she does (no chance of rejection) — and she won’t be able to help giving you the universal “tell” that shows she’s interested. In the seminar footage, Braddock goes through the proven 5-step plan to get your girlfriend back.

Fair warning: you may never be able to get rid of her after this!

3 proven techniques you can choose from to neutralize guys who try to put you down or get in the way of your goals. Your old friends can be jealous of your news success.

• The REVOLUTIONARY concept of “tree theory” that lets you literally map out all of your relationships so you can see the areas of highest opportunity for YOU.

• The ONE thing you must NEVER do when you date someone your friends know (too many guys make this mistake early on and never correct it….) • Building “social proof” so that women you meet will already be pre-attracted to you through your friends and lifestyle.

You can be whoever you want to be on the Night Exchange.

Men receive a generous free trial to use the chat line.

With a woman who is a friend, or a friend-of-a-friend, you have time…so no more nerve-wracking high pressure situations to get her home from the nightclub. You can go the “cold approach” way or use Social Circle Mastery.

In fact, as Braddock shows in the third DVD of the Social Circle Mastery set, a woman in your social circle who is receptive to you will give you unmistakable signals — if only you know what to look for. Braddock explains the pluses and minuses of both, and how to choose in a specific situation. Braddock shows you how to take an itinerary of your current social networks and how to identify exactly what parts/people/roles may be “missing” – so you know exactly who you need to meet.

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