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Teens use Instagram very differently than adults and businesses do; they favor likes and comments over followers, and will frequently If you’re a teen and you want to get more likes, all you have to do is visit a recent post on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram and click to view the comments.For every person that comments “lb,” (which is nearly all of them) just go to their profile, like a photo, and they’ll like one of your photos back.

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I chose to comment with “first” instead of “lb,” because I wanted to direct the likes only to my most recent photo.Instead, I was trying to generate a short burst of engagement soon after I post in an effort to trick Instagram’s algorithm into promoting my post to the top of my followers’ feeds.the posts I tried this with all received 50-120% more likes than my average posts, and I noticed that my Instagram posts had a longer lifespan than usual, with the photos receiving a steady amount of likes for 3-4 days after I posted.There’s LB’s little sister, “cb”, which means “comment back” and is used less frequently.Next is my personal favorite “first,” which means “first photo” (and is not, as I originally thought, teens thinking they have the first comment on an Instagram post).After commenting, I watched the likes roll in, with about 5 likes from people who didn’t follow me per minute.

Teen code says that I was then supposed to like their first photo back, which I tried my best to do.

This opens up the possibility of hackers intercepting devices and secretly spy on the user, however manufacturers have been quick to stand behind the security of their products.“There are three layers of security,” Sex toy maker Lovense said in a statement.

Not much is known about the new Instagram algorithm, but whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay.

Originally created as a vanity metric, I decided to use Instagram like a teen to try and hack the Instagram algorithm.

First, I started by just liking other teen’s photos, which was a little weird at first, but then it became addicting once I realized that I could get as many likes on a photo as time I was willing to spend.

That, or they just want more likes on their Instagram photos and will do whatever they can to get it.

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