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Pictured above, a woman crosses a street in upper Manhattan during a snowstorm on Thursday A worker clears snow from a plaza in lower Manhattan in New York as a powerful winter storm buffeted the area with high winds and blowing snow.The massive storm swept from the Carolinas to Maine on Thursday The storm, packing winds gusts of more than 70 miles per hour (113 kph), dumped a foot or more of snow throughout the region, including Boston and parts New Jersey and Maine, where heavy snow continued to fall early on Friday.

From Baltimore to Caribou, Maine efforts were underway to clear roadways of ice and snow as wind chill temperatures were to plunge during the day, reaching -40F (-40 C) in some parts after sundown, according to the National Weather Service.

At least a dozen people have been rescued from flooded homes in Marshfield, and a handful of others were rescued from cars under water in the South Shore region of Massachusetts.'It's up over the roof of cars.

It's up over four feet,' Deputy Fire Chief Louis Cipullo said of the floodwaters in the area.

Pictured above, a man carries a baby across Broadway in upper Manhattan on Thursday Nearly 500 members of the National Guard were activated along the East Coast to assist with emergency response, including 200 in New York state, the U. The arctic blast could make temperatures feel as low as minus 15 degrees from Philly to Beantown on Friday and make residents of states like Maryland and Virginia shiver from temps ranging from 10 degrees to 15 degrees.

'This is chilly, chilly stuff,' Brian Hurley, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service's Weather Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland, said on Thursday.

Hurley said some of the most painfully cold weather is still to come.

In northern New England, temperatures will be below zero this weekend.Pictured above, a woman walks her dog through New York during the snow storm A woman poses for photos with the 'Charging Bull' statue in Manhattan's Financial District during heavy snowfall.The storm forced thousands of flights to be canceled and New York City's two main airports halted flights because of whiteout conditions The storm (pictured hitting New York City) was powered by a rapid plunge in barometric pressure that some weather forecasters called a bombogenesis, or a 'bomb cyclone.' It brought high winds and swift, heavy snowfall The wintry weather has been blamed for at least 14 deaths in the past few days, including three in North Carolina traffic accidents and three in Texas because of the cold. Pictured above, a woman walks through the storm in New York city For New York, streets will be nearly impossible to thaw out since temperatures are expected to feel like a bone-numbing minus 20 degrees on Friday and Saturday night.'When it's this cold, the salt doesn't have as much effect,' Mayor de Blasio said at a press conference Thursday.'Despite the great work of Sanitation, it's going to be a while before you're going to see the blacktop in some parts of the city,' he added.Schools in Boston and Baltimore canceled classes while Newark, New Jersey schools were opening two hours later than usual on Friday.Street crews in the US Northeast including Times Square, pictured above) raced through the night into Friday to clear snow-clogged streets after a powerful blizzard and restore power to homes ahead of a brutal cold spell that has killed more than a dozen people in the United States Utility companies across the East worked to repair downed power lines early on Friday as about 21,000 customers remained without electricity, down from almost 80,000 the day before, and issued warnings that temperatures may become dangerously low.The high in Burlington, Vermont, on Saturday may only be minus 5 degrees, he said.