Free brazilian women video chats

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Free brazilian women video chats

They can be life-saving for women with distressed babies or difficult deliveries.

Granted, many women ask for the procedure of their own accord, seeing the convenience and sterility of it all as a marker of liberation rather than oppression.

In China, nearly half of all babies are delivered this way, with some women finding it a simple way to choose a “lucky” birthday. S., the rate has reached 30 percent after rising for decades.

Experts say that among American doctors, fear of litigation is what prompts them to reach for the scalpel.

The vast majority of women who give birth vaginally also have episiotomies, or surgical cuts to the vagina that are intended to make delivery easier.“We have a really serious problem in Brazil that the doctors over-cite evidence [of fetal distress],” said Paula Viana, head of a women’s rights nonprofit in Recife.

“They think they can interfere as they would like."***There’s nothing wrong with C-sections, of course.

But when she returned to the hospital after her water broke, the same doctor began persuading her that she should instead deliver by caesarean section.“He told me I wasn’t getting dilated enough,” Borges told me. ’ Then he started joking that I couldn’t handle the pain.”He pestered her while she labored for six hours, and gradually Borges, who was 24 years old at the time, began feeling powerless and overwhelmed. The C-section commenced, but that wasn’t the end of the doctor’s heckling.“He was saying, ‘I was at a birthday party, and I want this done fast because I want to go back and finish my whiskey,’” she said.

Borges said the experience was so traumatic that she sought psychiatric help for depression after the birth.

Doctors and activists here say Borges's experience is fairly common among women who give birth in the country’s private hospitals, where 82 percent of all babies are born by C-section. With the higher price of the private system comes better amenities and shorter wait times, but also all of the trappings of fee-for-service medical care.

Brazil has a free, public healthcare system, but many of its wealthier residents—about a quarter of the population—use a private insurance scheme that functions much like the U. C-sections can be easily scheduled and quickly executed, so doctors schedule and bill as many as eight procedures a day rather than wait around for one or two natural births to wrap up.“It’s a money machine,” Borges said.

“The issue is the same in other countries, but in a different manner.

There are countries where birth is industrialized and dominated by men, and there's very little input from women.”For its part, Brazil is working to reverse course and promote natural births.

And some women elect to go under the knife only after hearing about the rough treatment of mothers who choose the alternative."Here, when a woman is going to give birth, even natural birth, the first thing many hospitals do is tie her to the bed by putting an IV in her arm, so she can't walk, can't take a bath, can't hug her husband.

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