Dating girls in bangalore with photos

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Dating girls in bangalore with photos

I am a proud mom of two kids.daughter 8yrs old and my son 3yrs... She is very religious offer Salah (Namaz) regularly and also observes Hijjab (Parda).nnfrom modrate familyback round. She is good looking, fair, sincere, studious, talented, namazi, never misses her namaz or rozas (Allhamdullilah), loves family, nature. AAMEEN I have My Masters in Science, I am a self employed person. My family consists of parents, 2 sisters and a brother out of which elder sister a brother is married. This is a marriage site and would only talk to someone whom can have a real understanding of life. My strive is to make ma kids the best Muslimeen, I am preparing ma chilrden to be sincere Ibaadi and daees insha Allah.... My family Mom who is a housewife, Dad who is retired and have a younger brother and a younger sister both of whom are married and well settled by the grace of Allah. I hope you would like to know more about me if you do please leave a message. She has good Islamic values and wants Islam loving guy. Looking for someone who is fun, has family in mind.

I am a IT graduate and have switched streams as I grew in my career.

Coming to the point of my strength, Alhmdulillah am adaptable to every circumstances where my life takes me to travel, I strongly believe in Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) sunnah towards leading a successful life. Other than that am a fun loving girl, I love cooking, driving, Hangout with friends and family, I prefer to fulfill my duties than enjoying life, one of my favourite hobby is Blogging and Makeup....

I would love to work after marriage if my spouse and their family , allows me because I believe in combined decision of my family than individual.

I rarely find women that are willing to talk dirty!

The only place where I have found badmouthed women was

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Many of her friends and colleagues use dating apps. Single and new to a city, she has taken to dating apps to perk up her social life. "I have met a lot of people from foreign countries," she says.

"I prefer going out with them than with Indian men." Why?

I'm student of Al-Hidaya Institute for women, learning Arabic Tajweed rules, Tafseer and Translation of Quran.

I follow the Qur’an and Sunnah on the methodology of Ahl al-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa’ah (Salaf-us-Saliheen). i am not here on this site to have fun of any kind so please no time wasters. Im Afeefa born on 3Nov1979 in a respected,educated Islamic family of Hyd. a commerce postgraduate from a prestigious collage, Im verysimple, down to earth,girl.

Many of her friends and colleagues use dating apps.