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Despite their best efforts, the ships of Landing could not find a suitable place to establish an outpost, and were forced to take on supplies on the Isle of Erollisi under the watchful gaze of the forces of Faydwer.After the city of Landing became known as Freeport, then under the protection of the Order of Marr’s Fist, relations between Faydwer and Antonican captains began to improve.

When the Knights of Truth and Priests of Marr reasserted control over Freeport (and reestablished diplomatic relations with the Sisters of Erollisi), the majority of these pirates were forced to operate from bases further away, including the largely unexplored Timorous Deep.

At some point just before or after the fall of the Combine Empire, the dwarves of Kaladim established a port in the Butcherblock Mountains and began exploration of the northern Fairsea Isles.

Both elven and dwarven ships began to make regular trips from the Butcherblock Port using a strong eastward current to reduce the time of return trips.

Records from this era regularly mention the strong eastward current north of the Fairsea Isles, but make little or no mention of its companion westward current to the south.

It seems likely that the captains of Faydwer were not yet aware of the westward current, and explored very little of the Ocean of Tears.

The Faydwer captains soon began establishing small colonies among the Fairsea Isles in the Ocean of Tears.

The Sisters’ Sanctuary on the Isle of Erollisi became the center of much of this activity.Whatever the cause, many early maps were drawn from the directions given in Eweniel’s log, causing much confusion for the sailors or travelers who attempted to use them.Accurate maps of any part of the Ocean of Tears are rare even today, and can command great prices among traders and ship captains.When the Order of Marr’s Fist was destroyed, many brigands and criminals saw it as a sign that law and order would be less enforceable throughout the areas Freeport had previously influence.This idea, mixed with the resentment many other races had over the near monopoly dwarven, elven, and human captains had over shipping in the Ocean of Tears, led many bands of pirates of various races to begin preying on ships headed both to and from Freeport.The Crusade took many years to complete, during which time no pirate dared attack any ship in the Ocean of Tears for fear it would be abrim, with clerics and paladins.