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Construction is underway, which means plans have been filed with the County and City and the archetect has now departed for vacation in Majorca, so proposals to revise the parking are late by quite a margin. The card always says something like, "Happy Father's daddy! The second pursued the following dictum: Do not stick beans up your nose. I am sick of him and his lolly gagging." "Well," said Toby after the hang-up."It's always good to have strong opinions. So to recap: We have some 8 major development works in progress, all with completion dates cropping up within the same 12 month period and collectively amounting to between an 8 and 12% population increase on the island.So Bay Area, best be on guard and parley this message: Arrrg! We are hearing that Grey Loft at 2889 Ford Street is doing some exciting things in the area once known as Brooklyn and now called by various other names by merchants who are establishing new community life close to the estuary near the Park Street Bridge. Many boyfriends turned into model lovers after girlfriends introduced their new pets. So for the class of '13, this is a very bittersweet graduation time.On the Island we had the unveiling of a memorial for fallen police officers -- curiously timed during the budget discussions as we have fortunately only two fallen officers, whose deaths occurred over a span of some thirty-five years. Also dropped in to SLATE Design where Danielle Fox holds the fort. These kids that used to bash birthday piñatas from the branches of thick front-yard maple trees, who used to scamper on bicycles through Jackson and Washington Parks and propel plastic Big Wheels down Benton, St.Up rose the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to return Heart and Soul to the Church, for it must be agreed by one and all these two things are intertwined. We did feel the article was a bit self-serving, much obfuscatory in dwelling on trivialities which had nothing to do with the issue at hand, and a little bit silly in capping on people who dared question the process, but we took all that in stride as par for the course in usual treatment from Silly Hall employees at that level. I used to bully people around as an apartment manager where I really abused the authority entrusted to me. Being a jerk had become a sick addiction; I could never get enough power. " Amigo raised and lowered his head after vocalizing. Peace Bites trains and supplies the service dogs we use, just like little Amigo here." "Woof!We will present more from the CFSM anon, with special mention that should be a guiding reference for us all, What Would the Flying Spaghetti Monster Do? This week we have a moody pic of the Bay Bridge before construction of the new one. Now it seems that other people glommed onto Warmerdam's weak points and, O! But, I can say I have not been mean or acted like a bully jerk since June 6th, 2012." Cheers of support. "Thank you, Floyd, for that courageous and inspiring story," Ms. "Now everyone I'd like to introduce you to someone many of you probably know. " Bud Smugg had established his business originally out at the Point where he collected animals from the ASPCA and the local animal shelter to train them to provide a very important service.It is so that when the sea level rises due to global warming we will have high roofs from which to be evacuated by helicopter. With Kaiser standing right there with its history and its clinic already in operation here, that left few choices. Eventually while off his meds he tried to paint a house a curious shade of lavendar one day while the astonished owner, Mr. That, in itself is not a bad thing, but this means the claim of adding 50% to existing revenues by way of tacking on parking fees might not work.

We cannot really fault anyone for the way things turned out -- the hospital did not stand a chance persisting as a stand-alone facility. We are already seeing a proliferation of bicycle traffic during rush hour and other unusual times when you in other times and pre-Reagan days say not so much two-wheeled transportation.In fact we have so many churches on the island that a local minister mentioned with some sadness that each congregation must necessarily be smallish as there really are not that many souls who live here to distribute among all of the Select. And Oakland has the highest pay rate for police in the nation, so we are wondering what is wrong with this picture. And the timing of this "memorial" for men, one of whom died before Pearl Harbor was bombed seems curious. But I am here to tell you this is my one year anniversary.Members of our staff have recently been ordained into this new ministry, active worldwide only since 2005, when it seemed the country was gripped by a fever of religiousity that transcended all boundaries of reason and common sense. Well, we just had this memorial dedicated to the men in blue who died protecting us. Now we segue over to people responding to City Manager Warmerdam's opinion piece in the Sun regarding the budget. I been clean and morally decent and polite for exactly 12 months, two days and four hours. I cussed out pedestrians from my truck and scared the day workers. "And I really owe it all to my Higher Power and my service dog, little Amigo." "Woof!We can't really put a stop to all these things, but there may be a way to brake some of the projects by way of insisting that parking and communal open space be included in designs. She can be sensual and she knows all the arts of love. In any case the weather got suddenly schizoid around here. Sanchez took a stroll with the proud couple taking turns at pushing the pram along with its precious contents gurgling and cooing while hummingbirds made abrupt and fleeting visits. Full of all kinds of surprises and all of life and many different kinds of families containing many different kinds of people.The plan for Mc Kay Avenue looks charming, if you can get by the overly cutsie balustrades, however it does look like neighbors will be living packed together like sausages with just inches between buildings. Every woman should be like Simona, but not everyone can be. Per tradition the girls living in Andre and Marlene's Household all took their father's out to brunch at Mama's Royal Cafe. Howitzer drove out to Colma to pay his respects there to the paterfamilias and shoot crows squawking on the granite tomb with his Mossberg shotgun until the groundskeepers drove him off with shovels and curses. Heavy fog and winds chilling the evenings and mornings has been relieved by bright sunny days. Be thankful your family is unlike any other, because the pit of misery is very deep and wide and cruel and largely unfair.Would appreciate any pics people might have of the structure when trains used it on the lower deck. This implies that Silly Hall is not unified (it is not but then let's get by that one) and things are in disarray, provoking general lack of confidence. To such people anything was better than being someone's patsy -- even being a dick.

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