Regex for validating emails

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Regex for validating emails - Chat cam sec

So here they are: Public Function RXFIND(By Ref find_pattern As Variant, _ By Ref within_text As Variant, _ Optional By Val start_num As Long, _ Optional By Val case_sensitive As Boolean) As Long ' RXFIND - Returns the starting position of text matching the regex pattern ' find_pattern in the string within_text, if a match is found.' Optional long start_num specifies the number of the character in within_text ' to start matching. ' Optional boolean case_sensitive makes the pattern case sensitive if true, ' insensitive otherwise. Public Function ISRXMATCH(By Ref find_pattern As Variant, _ By Ref within_text As Variant, _ Optional By Val case_sensitive As Boolean) As Boolean ' ISRXMATCH - Returns true if the regex pattern find_pattern is matched ' in the string within_text, false otherwise.

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There are some words in the English language which Americans, god bless them, spell in their own special way.If the list row passes the test for any row in rng Criteria, then it will be included in the eventual output.Given a criteria range with m rows (excluding the header row) and n columns, this can be modelled in pseudo-SQL: where Crit[i,j](a) is a boolean function representing the criterion in row i, column j.However, given input on the spreadsheet from users who spell both ways (correctly and incorrectly), you may wish to match both variations of words like ‘realise’ (‘realize’) and ‘colour’ (‘color’).The pattern to match realise/realize is simple: \breali(s|z)e\b The word boundary markers ensure we are looking at a complete word, and the alternation of (s|z) means that we match both versions.Value End Property '********************************************************** ' Properties modifying filter operation '********************************************************** ' User selected Copy to range option button Public Property Get Copy To() As Boolean Copy To = opt Copy. In part 2 I was still a little undecided as to how I was going to implement some of the worksheet functions, but now I am more or less satisfied with them.

Value End Property ' User selected Unique values only checkbox Public Property Get Unique Only() As Boolean Unique Only = chk Unique. I’ve bundled the functions into Regex.xla, which is now available for download.Case is unimportant, so the case_sensitive flag is set to false. -] @[a-z0-9-.] \.[a-z]$ This is then used in ISRXMATCH – a valid email address according to our rules above will return true: The second address in the list fails due to the whitespace in the username, whereas the fourth fails because the domain name does not include a top-level domain part of a dot followed by 2-6 letters. As well as a couple of alternative regexes to cover some edge cases which the above doesn’t catch, this page also discusses why email addresses can be tricky, and why you shouldn’t go overboard trying to cover every exception. Count = 0 Then ' No words detected RXSCAN = CVErr(xl Err NA) Else If Abs(n) 0 Then ' Read from left to right RXSCAN = col Match(n - 1) Else ' Right to left RXSCAN = col Match(col Match. Match Collection Dim charlist As String Dim char As String Dim i As Integer ' Build pattern If dlm = "" Then ' Just looking for A-Za-z0-9_ charlist = "\w " Else ' Negate character class specified charlist = "[^" For i = 1 To Len(dlm) char = Mid$(dlm, i, 1) If In Str("[\^-", char) Then char = "\" & char ' escape charlist = charlist & char Next i charlist = charlist & "] " End If ' Initialise Regexp object, get match collection Set obj Regex = New VBScript_Reg Exp_55. For instance in RXGET the intent of is to have Excel display #N/A in the cell.There are a couple of SAS functions I have found to be quite useful, and that I miss when I’m working in Excel. Count n) End If End If End If End Function Public Function RXCOUNTW(By Val stringval As String, _ Optional By Val dlm As String = "") As Variant ' RXCOUNTW - Returns the count of words from stringval, where ' words are delimited by any non-word character by default, ' or a specific character set by optional string dlm. As it’s returning a String rather than a Variant however, it displays #VALUE! So I’ve altered the return types to Variant in all the functions, to allow for more meaningful error values to be returned.Hide End Sub Private Sub opt Copy_Click() ' enable ref Extract lbl Extract. Some things I have not included which I’d like to: So, what’s included so far?Rather than post the entire source code for all five functions, I thought I’d put in all the header comments here, as they provide a reasonable explanation of their purpose (Roy Mac Lean wrote an excellent post on comments in code which motivated me putting these in – ordinarily until now my commenting in the header has been pretty sparse).Probably the more useful of the two is the SCAN function. It was also pointed out more recently that using Is Missing to test for the presence of an optional parameter and provide a default, like so: will not work, as Is Missing works on Variants only, rather than primitive data types.

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