Prehistoric indian artifacts dating

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Brooke Ellsworth's grandfather used to tell stories about the little stone pieces of history unearthed on the family farm.

Late last year, all 120 of them were rediscovered in a dusty, cluttered attic — a collection that Ellsworth's grandmother Beverly hung on to for decades.

It's also solid proof that the Ellsworth family wasn't the first to make their home there.

Groups of American Indians have inhabited that open stretch of land between Charlotte and Eaton Rapids intermittently since before the ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids at Giza. The family would let the stones go, donate them to the Eaton Rapids Historical Society.

More importantly, she added, the collection was kept together, not scattered among relatives. Some of the Ellsworth farm artifacts date back 350 years. There are a few barns too, off the rural, snow-drifted roadway, along with rows of now-frozen corn stalks.

Most of the artifacts were found before the family used massive, efficient machinery to work the land, back when Clyde was still using horses to plow the fields.

Once gathered together they fit in a moderately-sized cardboard box.

It's a rare collection insofar as all of the pieces were pulled from the same 140 acres and kept together over the decades.Deb Malewski, the historical society's vice president, got her first look at the artifacts in December.Within a day, she had convinced herself that the stones were special."If all this came from one farm, this is not your normal find," she said."She didn't like to throw things away and she had so much stuff.There was still furniture from the 50s in the attic."The stone pieces had been scattered throughout the house.The items have led experts to believe that more than one group of prehistoric Native Americans lived on the land.

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