Interventionist accommodating the majority in hk

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Interventionist accommodating the majority in hk - russianwifedating com

But its endorsement is disabling Lam, rather than empowering her. But Lam should not despair; the lack of confidence may not be personal.

But another critically important challenge is less appreciated or emphasised: that of promoting and developing democratic values and principles within a society.Beijing’s choice of our next leader will set us on a very predictable course Alice Wu fell down the rabbit hole of politics aged 12, when she ran her first election campaign.She has been writing about local politics and current affairs for the Post since 2008.John Tsang clearly has the advantage of not being the “anointed one”.Our chief executive must win the support of the biggest voting bloc in this race – the pro-establishment camp – since, under the Basic Law, he or she may not be affiliated with any party.If this round of election debates is any guide, we know we will be given the round-about on each and every problem. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised by Lam’s pledge at the debate to resign if she finds mainstream views to be against her.

Though probably an off-the-cuff remark, it took guts and spoke of her self-confidence.

The challenge of accommodating and promoting the rights of ethnic, religious and other minorities tends to emerge whenever a formerly authoritarian country begins to move towards democracy.

It is faced today as the middle east and north Africa embarks on its own democratic transition.

She probably feels offended, too – to be given such strong, unsolicited support suggests a lack of confidence in her to win the election on her own merit.

It would be nice if Beijing’s support counted as a statement for the cause of women’s advancement.

It was also the closest attempt by her to engage the people outside the Election Committee, to speak to the majority of us in the peanut gallery. Lam may yet surprise us all, including Beijing, after getting officially appointed. Lam should know that she is going to be the only one looking out for her own interests, so she may turn on the charm offensive after her seat is secured.

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