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In the Talmud, the first-century sage Rabbi Simeon Ben Gamliel recounted that in ancient times, the “daughters of Israel” would dance in the vineyard in white dresses on Yom Kippur, and the boys “who did not have a wife would turn to there to find one.” (Taanit 31a) Gamliel also indicated the same ritual happened on Tu b’Av, a harvest festival now celebrated as a kind of Israeli Valentine’s Day.

But Turgeman and his friends, both Orthodox and secular, wandered the streets until the wee hours of the morning just like teens do today.Afterward, people pour out of synagogue and into the empty streets.Keeping with tradition, many wear white from head to toe.“In rabbinic Judaism, Yom Kippur has become a very serene severe day of atonement on which everyone worries about their sins,” said Engelberg, who teaches sociology and Israel studies at the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.“Rabbi Gamliel lived just after the Jewish Temple was destroyed and is recalling another tradition, perhaps within his memory.It is easy to strike up conversation with new people “about how hungry you are,” he said, laughing.

“Everybody is clean and dressed in white, and you’re supposed to have asked forgiveness for your sins,” Cohen added.

Public displays of affection are also generally avoided in keeping with the Talmudic prohibition against sexual relations.

Yet, according to Cohen — who is secular but observes many Yom Kippur customs — the holiday is known to launch plenty of relationships.

“You want to do it because you can’t do it,” Sadaka said.

“Not even the bad breath you get from fasting can ruin it.” Young love on Yom Kippur may not be a new development.

“So there is this pure, magical feeling in the air.” Sadaka had a simpler explanation: “Girls like Yom Kippur because the boys act nice for once,” she said.